Eclipse Repository and Compilation Dependencies

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Eclipse Repository and Compilation Dependencies

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I have tried to migrate an eclipse plugin proyect for helios to maven and tycho, but impossible to succeed.

The first issue: the plugin needs the helios repository but it is unavailable offline (download helios and set it as repository in tycho plugin didn't work). I had to configure tycho to use the "http" version, but in every compilation tycho spends too much time "adding http://... repository". Is there a way to avoid this?

The second issue: the plugin uses third party dependencies which are not presented in helios, but in a local maven repository. Maven can find it, but it does not appear in the classpath when compiling, therefore the complilation fails. I have already checked the presence of the jar in the .m2 repository and the presence of the classes inside this jar. Also versions have been checked.

I have been working with maven for 3 years, but with tycho and eclipse is my first time. Maybe I have missed something quite trivial.

I would thank you your helps.