Steps before deprecating eclipse-update-site

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Steps before deprecating eclipse-update-site

Tobias Oberlies
With eclipse-repository becoming more mature and more complete, I believe it is time to get rid of the duplication of packaging types for building p2 repositories in Tycho. As a first step, we should mark eclipse-update-site as deprecated, once eclipse-repository can be used in all supported cases.

I currently only know case where using eclipse-repository is not yet possible: if the target platform is defined via pomDependencies=consider [1]. This issue should be resolved soon; we are planning to work on this from next week. After this we will replace eclipse-update-site by eclipse-repository in the Tycho integration tests - to be sure that everything is covered.

Do you know of additional cases where eclipse-repository is lacking functionality or is not suited for your needs? If yes, please create bugs or enhancement requests and link them to the umbrella bug for the eclipse-update-site deprecation [2]. If you have more general concerns, we can also discuss them here.

Best regards

[1] : Artifacts from POM dependencies missing in eclipse-repository
[2] : Deprecate packaging type eclipse-update-site